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PICT Major Statistical Collections 2015 - 2022

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update prepared by Arthur Jorari, SPC, 05th May, 2017

PACIFIC ISLAND COUNTRIES 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022
Papua New Guinea (13/4/15)   DHS       CENSUS    
Fiji (17/6/15) LFS (2014-2015)   CENSUS          
Solomon Islands         CENSUS      
Vanuatu (10/7/15)   Mini-CENSUS HIES   CENSUS      
Kiribati CENSUS   HIES (2017-18) DHS   CENSUS    
Fed. States of Micronesia (10/4/15)           CEN    
Marshall Islands (17/6/15)         CEN      
Nauru (10/4/15)                
Palau (10/4/15) CENSUS         CEN    
Samoa (14/4/15)   CENSUS LFS       CENSUS  
Tuvalu (17/6/15) HIES   Mini CENSUS         CENSUS
Cook Islands (10/7/15) HIES CENSUS         CENSUS  
Niue (10/4/15)   HIES CENSUS          
Tokelau   CENSUS + AgCens            
Tonga HIES CENSUS Disability | STEPS | LFS       CENSUS  



  1. References in italics refer to deferrals and funding uncertainties
  2. Asterisks (*) indicates financial /technical support for PNG HH surveys would not be sourced from SPC Regional HH survey support program.
  3. When two-year reference period is provided (HIES, 2015-16), and second year is in bold, this means most of the survey activities will be undertaken in that year.