PRISM - What is it?

Improving Data Accessibility and Utilization has always been a major component of the Ten Year Pacific Statistics Strategy (TYPSS) since its inception in 2010.

In particular, focusing on the increase in transparency, accessibility and user-relevance of statistical information systems and databases across all sectors to national and regional/ international users in both web-based and computer-based applications.

The tools and projects currently being designed and implemented by the Statistics for Development Division (SDD) of the SPC contribute to delivering this core component. These include PRISM, NMDI, PopGIS and other tools and applications.


popbypictThe Pacific Community’s Statistics for Development Division has just released its updated mid-year 2016 population estimates, including national projections until 2050.

More detailed information, disaggregated by sex and age, is expected to become available soon.

For further information, please contact Arthur Jorari, Team Leader Statistical collections.

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