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A collection of worked examples showing interesting applications of PopGIS2. There are many different ways data can be presented to highlight interesting indicators, focus the reader on certain aspects of a map, and ultimately to better assist in extracting patterns which can explain various development related issues in our member countries.

Data Analysis - Household using Kerosene

Comparison of households using kerosene as a cooking fuel across six Pacific Island Countries

The World Bank estimates that 780 million women and children breathing particulate laden kerosene fumes inhale the equivalent of smoke from two packs of cigrarettes a day. The result is that two-thirds of the adult female lung cancer victims are non-smokers. There are also a range of respiritory and eye problems as a result of exposure to kerosene fumes. (

Below there is a comparison of the six currently released PopGIS 2 countries. From the most recent censuses, they range from less than 1% of households using kerosene in Vanuatu, up to 29% in the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM). Figures in many of the countries have dropped because of various projects replacing kerosene lamps with solar lighting systems and more efficient cooking systems.

Cooking (proprotion of households using kerosene)

FSMVanuatuFijiKiribatiTuvaluSolomon Islands
36 (2000)not asked (1999) (1996)not asked (2005)not asked (2002)2 (1999)
29 (2010)0.1 (2009)26 (2007)29 (2010)10 (2012)0.7 (2009)
Kerosene as a lighting fuel has also declined in the region:
Lighting (proportion of households using kerosene)
FSMVanuatuFijiKiribatiTuvaluSolomon Islands
not asked (2000)74 (1999)38* (1996)62** (2005)5*** (2002)not asked (1999)
32 (2010)48 (2009)20* (2007)34 (2010)0.7 (2012)75% (2009)

*  There was no specific question in the Fiji 1996 or 2007 censuses on kerosene lamps, but rather wick lamps and pressure lamps. 29.2% and 7.5% in 1996 and 18.1% and 2.4% in 2007, respectively.
** In Kiribati 2005 census pressure lamps were included
*** In Tuvalu 2002 census lanterns/hurricane lamps were combined

NOTE: Each of the maps below are interactive and map use of kerosene as a cooking fuel. Click on "enlarge" at the bottom of each map to pop-out the full PopGIS 2 window.


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