A collection of both video and text-based tutorials focusing of various functionalities of PopGIS2. The video tutorials are all hosted on our Youtube channel which can be easily accessed and shared with others.

PopGIS Video - Basic Introduction

How to open and start using the Solomon Islands PopGIS

Published on Jul 13, 2014

PopGIS Video - How to map NMDI indicators

Over 200 Pacific National Minimum Development Indicators can be easily mapped through the PopGIS 2 mapping interface with the simple click of a button.

Published on Jul 13, 2014

PopGIS 2 - Embed a PopGIS2 map into a webpage

The standard interface for a PopGIS2 site includes the banner on top and text section on the left. A more simplified interface can be used to create online atlases, monographs, newsletters etc.

Open the PopGIS2 site you would like to embed, select the indicator, and if desired, zoom to an area of interest. When you are happy with the result, go to the GET menu on the top-right of the screen and select a link to this page:

iframe1 sm

Then select whether you would like a direct URL or iframe URL:


The direct URL is a link to a standard PopGIS2 interface:


The above link will load the following:

iframe3 sm

The iframe URL is simplified:


The above link will load the following:

iframe4 sm

In order to place the iframe URL into your webpage, embed it into iframe code as follows:

<iframe frameborder =" 1 " height =" 650 " scrolling =" auto " src =" http://www.spc.int/popgis2/vanuatu/index.php?indics=p3_pop_age_groups.t_5_14_pct&bbox=18544594,-1852273,411248,272042&view=map2&lang=en&maponly=1 " width = "700"> </ iframe>

Click here to see an example.

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