NMDI Database

National Minimum Development Indicator Database

NMDI siteIn line with Pacific Plan Strategic Objective 12.4, and specifically Regional Leaders’ call for development of a core set of statistics across key sectors, we have compiled such a data set in consultation with sectoral specialists in Population and Development, Economics, Health, Agriculture and Forestry, Fisheries and Aquaculture, ICT, Energy,  Gender, Cultural practice and Youth.

Data were collected primarily from national data sources (priority rule) or joint PIC-SPC reports, and only where we could not locate such information, did we make use of secondary sources.

In compiling this database, our biggest challenge has been reconciling multiple values and different data sources for the same indicator.

This complexity has been caused by:

  • discrepancies between many national MDG reports and other planning documents and official statistics published by Pacific island countries;
  • different values for the same indicator reported by national and regional/international agencies; and by
  • different values for the same indicator reported by different international agencies.

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