Household Income and Expenditure 


The amount of money that households earn and spend each month provides a valuable insight into people’s living conditions.  Whereas GDP captures a nation’s wealth, household income and expenditure gives a better picture of each individual’s situation.

In most cases, the data included in the PRISM tables are collected from Household Income and Expenditure Surveys.  Ideally, these surveys are carried out every five years, but the difficulties and high cost of carrying out such surveys mean that there are often longer gaps between surveys.  This explains why recent information is not available for every country.

The PRISM tables provide a summary of the total annual income and expenditure (where this data is available) of all households in each Pacific Island country or territory and the average income of all households.  These data are expressed in both the national currency and US dollar.

The Household Income & Expenditure Tables are currently being revised and will be published again soon.